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DW 3000 Series Snare Stand

A straight-forward design that fits 12, 13 and 14" snare drums with steel double-braced legs offer optimal support for heavy snares.

  Web Price £65.00
DW 6000 Series Flat Base Snare Stand

The 6300 Snare Stand features a low profile flush-base design with aluminium legs and a recess locking wing screw to ensure stability for holding even the heaviest snare drums.

  Web Price £85.00
DW 5000 Series Snare Stand With Adjustable Basket

A heavy-duty snare stand with toothed basket adjustment.

Was £105.00   Web Price £99.00
DW 5000 Series Snare Stand

The 5300 Snare Stand features an integrated tube joint Memory Lock, a fine tooth Tilter and a 1 1/8” Tripod Base for increased stability and portability.

  Web Price £99.00
DW Piccolo Snare Stand For 10" - 13" Diameter Snares

The 9303 has a contoured basket to accommodate smaller 10” to 12” snare drums.

  Web Price £119.00
DW 9000 Series Snare Stand

The 9300 Series Snare Stands are the only stands designed with double pedal set-ups in mind. The offset basket allows optimal snare positioning while remaining balanced.

Was £132.00   Web Price £129.00
DW 9000 Series Tom / Snare Stand

A rack tom mounted in a snare basket is more common than ever and that is why DW offers the 9000 Series tom/snare stand.

  Web Price £135.00
DW 9000 Series AIR LIFT Snare Stand

The secret is a pneumatic shock that effortlessly allows drums to float on a cushion of air for quick, effortless and exact adjustments every time.

  Web Price £165.00
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