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Snare Spares

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Pearl Plastic Snare Wire Strap (Pack Of 6)

Plastic Straps for mounting the snare wires onto the snare drum throw off mechanism (Pack Of 6).

Was £2.29   Web Price £2.00
Pearl Snare Cord (Pack Of 6)

Snare Cord - 6 Pack. For holding the snare wires onto the snare drum. An alternative to plastic straps.

  Web Price £4.00
Gibraltar Nylon Snare Cord (Pack Of 6)

Gibraltar Nylon Snare Cord (Pack Of 6)

  Web Price £4.49
Gibraltar Lug Locks (Pack Of 6)

This plastic cap is simply thumb pressed onto the head of a tension rod to prevent rotation and de-tuning. Play with confidence knowing your sound will be consistent song after song...

  Web Price £5.00
Tuner Fish Lug Lockers (Select Colour)

A fish shaped attachment with a star shaped cavity in the body that fits over the top of the lug so that the “tail” rests against the hoop effectively locking the lug in place.

  Web Price From £5.00
Gibraltar Nylon Snare Wires Mounting Strips (Pack Of 4)

Gibraltar Nylon Snare Wires Mounting Strips (Pack Of 4). The Gibraltar SC-NSC Nylon Snare Cord Strap is essential for any drummer's kit.

  Web Price £5.59
Tama Hold Tight Washer (Set of 20)

Cup-shaped stainless steel washers that contain a rubber ring so the tension rod pushes between both the cup washer and the rubber ring and this helps to prevent de-tuning.

  Web Price £6.00
Pearl Black Nylon Washer (Pack Of 12)

Pack of 12 Black nylon tension rod washers.

Was £6.69   Web Price £6.00
Billdidit Coady Locking Nuts (Multi Pack)

Drummers have been seeking a simple method of keeping their drums in tune. The simplest of solutions has been before Coady’s eyes for years.

  Web Price £6.50
Gibraltar 13" / 12 Strand Snare Wires

This Gibraltar snare wire fits many snare drums that are 13” in diameter. It comprises of 12 snare strands, this snare wire is great for jazz, rock and concert situations.

Was £15.00   Web Price £10.00
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