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Pick up a bargain in our Gibson winter sale, but don't hang around as once these guitars are gone, they're gone!

Les Paul

The iconic Gibson Les Paul took the music world by storm when it debuted in 1952. Here at Wembley Music Centre you can find Les Paul Studios, Les Paul Customs, Les Paul Juniors, Historic Les Paul Reissues and of course the Les Paul Standard.


With its streamlined mahogany body and sharply pointed offset double cutaways, the Gibson SG Standard is still a radical-looking instrument today. Click here to see our inventory of SG Standards, SG Specials, Custom Shop Reissue SG's and artist models such as the Angus Young Signature model.


As well as the legendary ES-335 which has been a mainstay of the Gibson Catalogue since it's inception in 1958 here you can browse our current inventory of guitars from the Memphis and Custom Shop divisions such as the ES-339, ES-175, ES-137, ES-390 and the CS-336.


Favoured by modern players such as Metallica's James Hetfield the Gibson Explorer has been a mainstay of hard rock and metal since it's resurrection in the late 1970's. Click here to see our current stock of Gibson Explorer guitars.

Flying V

The Gibson Flying V is the ultimate showman's guitar, the V has found it's way into the hands of legendary players such as Albert King and Jimi Hendrix thanks to it's big tone and out there, streamlined appearance. Click here to shop for Flying V guitars.


Is the Gibson Firebird the ultimate rock/blues guitar? We here at Wembley Guitar Centre think it just might be... Favoured by players such as legendary Johnny Winters, the Firebird is perhaps the mellowest guitar in the Gibson family thanks to a purring set of mini-humbuckers.


Ever since it's inception in 1993 the Gibson Nighthawk has divided opinion. With it's, hybrid looks, through body stringing and 25.5" scale length it's not quite a Gibson as we know it but it's well suited to the player that loves the feel of a Gibson but wants to hear a little more California style twang coming from their amp...

Custom Shop

Our current stock holding of Gibson Custom Shop guitars such as the Les Paul Custom, Historic Models such as the '59 Les Paul Reissue and more fantastic and unusual pieces such as the Johnny A model

Limited Run

Home to our stock of Limited Run Gibson USA guitars which includes guitars from the sublime such as the Carved Top SG's with AAA Figured Maple Tops to the wierd and wonderful such as the Eye Guitar and the Nighthawk reissue.

Gibson Signature Models

Do you long for the look and sound of your favourite guitar hero? Are you trying to find an instrument that emulates their playing style and sound? What could be better than a signature model of a popular model endorsed by your own guitar icon?

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