You may not be familiar with PDP kits, but it's about time you got to know them.

“Budget” is not a dirty word.

To so many people, ‘budget’ means significant sacrifices have been made. You may look at a brilliant price tag, then sigh, because you know that it’s a budget product. But I’m here to tell you that budget, categorically, does not fall unanimously with the idea of being ‘compromised’. PDP drums are a perfect representation of how an affordable kit can still hold quality to compete against kits over double its price tag.

Though you may not be familiar with PDP drums, you’ll certainly be familiar with DW kits. DW are widely recognised as the best quality drums, with no expense spared. This does mean, however, that the price tags on DW kits are significant. Recognising this, DW set out to create affordable kits, while utilising their now nearly 50 years of experience in making the very best kits. This is how PDP was born, and despite their low price tag, the quality of DW still shines through the kits. You only need to sit down and start playing a PDP kit to hear how powerful, versatile and modern their kits really are. The build of the shells is incredibly sturdy, particularly with the Concept series (all being 7-ply). The finishes range from stand-out gorgeous, to classically subtle. Even care has gone into the tom mounting, where the mounts are based around the lugs, rather than the tension rod to protect the drum hoops. And all this is still with price tags as low as £449. “So what’s the catch” I hear you ask. A sensible question, true, but there isn’t one. The way DW have been able to cut manufacturing costs is by transferring the custom techniques used in the handmade kits to computerised machinery. I think you’ll agree with me that factory processed goods do not constitute a significant sacrifice, because if you do, I have some very bad news about nearly all your other purchases.

Really, I could continue writing for hours about the contrast between the low price tag, and high-quality sound that comes from PDP kits, but I want you to experience it for yourself. And though they are ‘budget’ kits, PDP certainly set something straight:

“Budget” is not a dirty word.

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