Whether you love it or hate it, practice is necessary. I have chosen five rudiments to add into your drumming practice to take it to the next level.

Practice. You might love it, you might hate it, but we all know that we need it. As drummers, we’ll all be familiar with the standard rudiments; single, doubles and paradiddles. Many of you will be practicing these, and some alternatives; pataflaflas, triple ratamacues and Swiss army triplets. This is all brilliant, but you always need to push yourself further! I’ve compiled five rudiments that I expect you don’t already play, to take your practice to the next level!


Essentially a drag, but with single note sticking, the Herta is an easy rudiment to add into your practice.

 Herta Rudiments


Get this up to speed, and you’ll completely understand the name!

Gallop Rudiment

Drag Pataflafla

Simply a pataflafla, but with a drag on the 2nd and 6th quavers to push you just that little more.

 Drag Pataflafla Rudiment

Inverted Flams

Also comically known as ‘Malfs’, these are just flams where the accent and grace notes are flipped to develop your control over dynamics.

 Inverted Flam Rudiment

Alternated Drag Pataflafla

An alternated pataflafla, but the 1st and 5th quaver accents incorporate a drag.

 Alternated Drag Pataflafla Rudiment


Got any peculiar rudiments you play as part of your practice? Let us know!