Introducing the new range of Fender pedals!

I never knew pedals could look so beautiful, and then came Fender’s new pedal range with their brushed, coloured aluminium exteriors. And in true Fender style, the sound of these pedals truly live up to their sleek and sexy look. Fender have developed these six pedals to cover weekend warriors, all the way through to daily gigging machines.

Santa Ana Overdrive

Fender Santa Ana Overdrive

The overdrive of this sextet of pedals is everything you want from an overdrive pedal. It’s got all the control you need to take you from, as they put it, “a little hairy”, all the way to thick, fully saturated overdrive, powered by FET technology for the true, authentic tone you long for from an overdrive pedal. The pedal even comes with two voicings for extra control, and when combined with the bass, mid, treble, presence, level and drive, there’s just the right amount of hands on with this pedal.

Marine Layer Reverb

Fender Marine Layer Reverb

Reverb for many is a must have, and it can play several different roles, from enhancing the space of your sound, to swamping your light melody lines to create a whole new sound. The Marine Layer Reverb from Fender has hall, room and ‘special’ reverb, with two variations of each, and along with the pre delay, reverb time, damping, and on/off filter, the perfect reverb can be found. Fender have made sure that the reverb tail remains even when the effect is turned off to ensure totally smooth transitions.

Pugilist Distortion

Fender Pugilist Distortion

Just may well be the flexible distortion pedal you’ve been looking for. It has dual gain engines, with the tone of each able to be controlled, a blend dial, which can be balanced through blend or series, and a bass boost. With all this, you can find the exact distorted tone you want, if it’s just that bit of crunch, or an ultra-chunky tone for the biggest of riffs.

The Bends Compressor

Fender The Bends Compressor

A compressor is a must have for a pedal board, but it’s not always the easiest dialling in the right level of compression without sacrificing your ideal tone. Fender set out to create a compressor that would control the spikes while not altering the tone at all. With only four dials, drive, recovery, blend and level, it is simple to make adjustments to balance the right level of compression, and combined with the LED that changes colour to show when the compressor is engaged, you’ll know exactly what is going on!

Mirror Image Delay

Fender Mirror Image Delay

You already know the significance of delay in music. It is used everywhere in all capacities and can filly so many contrasting responsibilities. Therefore, it was important for Fender to design a stompbox that would allow complete freedom, and they’ve done just that. The Mirror Image Delay has 3 modes, digital, analogue and tape, with 2 variations of each, and depth, rate, feedback and time controls. All in all, this pedal can take you from slapback to pure ambient wash, with zero difficulty.

Level Set Buffer

Fender Level Set Buffer

Now here’s a problem you’ll be familiar with. You’re half way through your set and it’s time to change your guitar. The change goes smoothly, you’ve moved from your single pickup over to your humbucker. You plug in, begin your next riff, and realise that the tone is completely different running through your rig. A nightmare. Level Set Buffer is a pedal designed to counter this problem, and dial in a balance through level and high frequency to match closer your different guitars. With a tuner output as well, you can keep your tuner active without affecting your signal path, or tone. Problem solved!


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