We now stock Focusrite here at Wembley, so here is a quick introduction to who they are!

If you haven’t already heard, we now stock Focusrite here at Wembley Music Centre. If you are already familiar with Focusrite and their products, you’ll understand our excitement. If you are unfamiliar with Focusrite, let me introduce you to them!

Meet Focusrite. They are top of the industry in both affordable, and also high-quality interfaces. If you Google “best audio interface”, Focusrite will dominate every list, and you don’t need to do much research at all to know why. They have two ranges: Scarlett and Clarett. Though both built to brilliant standards, the Scarlett is the affordable, universal range, whereas Clarett is the more professional, studio-ready range. I've saved the nitty gritty details, as you can find the information if you follow the links to the products, but here is a quick overview!

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

The Scarlett range starts at the Scarlett Solo, which has an XLR input and a 1/4 jack input to cover any songwriter, and a stereo RCA output, which also includes a headphone out. Recording guitar and vocals simultaneously at super low latency has never been easier, and only at £79.99. Moving up the range, there’s the 2i2 (2 inputs, and 2 jack outputs). The two inputs are hybrid, meaning you can record two jacks or two XLRs at once. The range we stock goes up to the 18i8, which is 18 in and 8 out!

Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

I can personally vouch for the Scarlett range as you really do get far more than you'd expect at prices like these. The quality is, at least in my opinion, superior to anything else in the price bracket for each product!

Focusrite Clarett 2Pre USB

The Clarett range is the the more pricey range, but you do get a lot for that extra buck. In the range you get latency as low as 1.67ms, compared with the 2.74ms you get on the Scarlett. The beautiful mic pres are specific to the Clarett range, and also give an extra 7dB of gain range. The Clarett interfaces even have an ‘Air’ function, a switchable option which emulates the original preamp designed by Focusrite, that completely changes the character of the sound being captured to suit perfectly for the recording. We have here both the Clarett 2Pre USB (10 in and 4 out) and also the Clarett 4Pre USB (18 in and 8 out), both interfaces of serious, serious quality.

Focusrite Clarett 4Pre USB


On top of everything you get in the interface itself, Focusrite offer a large collection of plugins with each product, and even give out monthly free plugins, which you can stay updated with through our social media pages! 

Check the full range out, and find all specifications here