Yesterday, Roland unveiled their new TD-17 series, and we've taken a look at the main features!

It's here. The news we've all been waiting for. Yesterday Roland unveiled their new TD-17 series and it is a very exciting development for electronic kits. In essence, the TD-17 series is an expansion on the TD-11, with some considerable developments, to make "an affordable electronic drum kit that's authentically close to playing acoustic drums". The price range starts at £879 with the TD-17K-L, and goes up to the more advanced TD-17KVX at £1489.

Roland TD-17

The Module

The sounds in the TD-17 Module are in fact based on the TD-50, Roland's flagship electronic kit. However, they haven't simply placed these sounds into a module and then skimped on features. The module allows you to find the perfect sound for you, from tuning, to dampening, and even strainer tension, all elements taken from the top of the range TD-50 module. Another development is that this affordable kit allows you to load custom samples, meaning there is complete customisability. 

A lot of attention has been put into developing a module that really supports the train and development of a drummer. The TD-17 module has features shared with the TD-11, such as a time-check function, to visually see how in time you are with the click, and a 'Quiet Count' function, where the module will mute in places to force the player to hold the time, which is good practice for a live environment. The module also has expanded functionality in terms of audio connections. You can connect audio via Bluetooth, depending on which particular kit you get, to easily play along with tracks on your phone, and there is easy USB connectivity to record your playing. 

Roland TD-17 Module

The Pads

For the TD-17, Roland have developed brand new pads to make the feel as authentic as possible. The rims are slightly lower to mimic that of an acoustic kit, the snare on the TD-17KVs is 12". This PDX-12 snare is even tension-adjustable to get the most comfortable rebound for each player. With the TD-17KVX, the hi-hats can be mounted on an acoustic hi-hat stand, and then combined with the high-quality sounds from the module, it's the perfect experience. The kick pad is also an upgrade, designed to give a more realistic feel, while also reducing the acoustic sound that comes from playing an electronic kit.

Roland TD-17 Pads


There are four different configurations in the TD-17 series, so the right one will be there for you.

These are the TD-17K-L, the TD-17KV and the TD-17KVX. Check them out!