You can now pre order the awesome new Micro Block 45 amplifier from Quilter.

Quilter Micro Block 45

It's no secret that we love Quilter amps here at Wembley Music Centre. Infact, several of our staff run them exclusively. The genius that is Pat Quilter has exceeded even our lofty expectations with the introduction of the Micro Block 45.

This amp, no bigger than a standard stompbox, offers up 33/45 Watts of that gorgeous Quilter tone. Clean or dirty, this tiny amp delivers the goods. Like all Quilter amps, the Micro Block 45 is the ideal pedal platform, taking anything you care to throw at it and serving up heaps of mojo.

Ideal for practice or playing gigs, the Micro Block 45 is really something special. Being the a little smaller than a standard stomp box, it's also an ideal backup amp that you can have live on your pedalboard just incase.

We have our first shipment on the way and we expect most, if not all of them to be snapped up on pre order before they arrive. Don't miss out on your chance to grab one of the first Micro Block 45s in the UK!

The Micro Block 45 is available for pre order now on the Wembley Music Centre Website.