Roland's recently announced TD-25 series of electronic drum kits are poised to changed the game!

With features normally reserved for professional top end and yes, top priced drums, the TD-25 will redefine what you can expect from a mid priced kit.

Roland TD-25K and TD-25KV at Wembley Music Centre

So, what's so special about the Roland TD-25?

It's just another electronic kit isn't it? Well, you're not wrong. However, it's very different from anything Roland or anyone else has ever done at this price.

There are two kits in the TD-25 family, the TD-25K and the TD-25KV. Both kits are powered by the same module so the sounds are the same. The difference comes with the Pad configuration. The K comes with two 6.5" rack toms and an 8" floor tom while the KV is loaded with two 8" rack toms and a 10" floor tom. The KV also has a second crash cymbal pad.

The Pads

The pads on both the TD-25K and TD-25KV all sport mesh heads for an unrivalled responsiveness. Additionally the snare and ride both feature positional sensing so like an acoustic kit, where you play affects the sound. Another unique feature on kits at this price point.

Both kits also come equipped with the VH-11 hi-hat, another first. The pad mounts on a traditional hi-hat stand and provides an incredibly realistic feel and sensitivity.

The Brains

Roland have consulted with a lot of drummers when designing the TD-25 module and it really shows that they listened to the feedback they received. Most modules out there are loaded to the brim with different kits, some much more practical than others and many of the sounds go unused, this can make navigating and auditioning sounds a real chore. Roland have packed out the TD-25 with 18 really cool and versatile kits, sorted in to 6 musical styles and all easily selected using the large chrome centre knob. These sounds all come from the flagship TD-30 so you know they are world class.

All the knobs on the module are clearly labelled and easilly accessed so you won't be fumbling around using the module. You don't have to enter pages of menus to edit, tune, muffle or tweak your kit, making it the most user friendly module to date. One of our favorite features is the ability to record straight to a USB stick. Great Stuff! For example, your guitarist has just come up with a great track but wants to hear it with some drums, he sends you his recording, you pop it on to your USB stick and record your take. You can then either send him just your drum part or the whole track. Easy!

All in all, we're suitably blown away and we think you will be too!

Check out the TD-25K in more detail Roland TD-25K

Check out the TD-25KV in more detail Roland TD-25KV