Joseph takes a look at our Top 5 Kick Pedals that won't break the bank.

It’s true that you shouldn’t go cheap for kick pedals, your foot always poised on one when you’re at the kit. They’re the necessary vessel to transform your rhythmic ideas into a groove with some OOMPH. But we can’t all go ahead and buy the crème de la crème of kick pedals. So, we’ve had a look at the top 5 single pedals you can get for under £200!

DW 3000 SERIES - £129

DW 3000 Single Pedal

We’ll start with the DW 3000 series. Though best known for its kits, DW is well recognised for its hardware. Among the best in the world, DW pedals are a frequent choice for drummers, and the 3000 grants a great balance between price and quality for those who want to enter the DW range of pedals. The 3000 has an all metal construction which is a big plus for any pedal. Having at least a solid, heavy-duty base plate is a must for a seriously stable pedal that can endure a gig. Exclusive to DW pedals, it has a bearing rocker, which allows you to change the beater response and distance from the drum, giving some serious control to customise the feel of the pedal. Though the 3000 of course doesn’t have all the features of DWs higher range pedals, this pedal will not disappoint!


Tama HP900ON Kick Pedal

The Iron Cobra is a legendary workhorse. As Tama put it, these pedals received their status for their “ability to strongly support both the artistic and logistical requirements associated with the art of drumming”. The HP900PN Powerglide is an upgrade from the previous HP900P, bringing in several changes. One of the key updates is a wider frame and plate, which gives the pedal some serious stability, meaning that under the stress of aggressive performance, the pedal holds its own. Another key change is a ‘Swivel Spring Tight’. Unlike other pedals, the anchor for the spring can sway side to side to maximise energy and give a truly smooth feel. This pedal does come with a case unlike the DW 3000, but has less freedom to customise the feel of the pedal.


Mapex P800 Kick Drum Pedal

The P800 is part of Mapex’s heavy duty Amory series, designed for the serious player! The first thing to note isn’t its playing, but rather its look, with matte black plating. Like the other pedals in this post, it has both a double chain and a solid base plate. The P800 however has an extended footboard, granting the player more freedom to find the perfect position for them. One key thing to note is that the Falcon Series beater comes with both 10g and 20g weights so the player has the liberty to custom the weighting and feel of the P800. This pedal has fewer customisable options, and the spring response is (in my opinion), industry standard. However, at this price, and the cheapest in this post, this is a strong pedal. The P800 also comes with its own carrying bag!


Pearl P2050C Eliminator Redline Kick Drum Pedal

Heading towards the £200 mark, the P-2050C is the most expensive pedal in this list. But don’t let the higher, albeit only slightly, price put you off. For those extra pennies, this pedal provides almost absurd levels of customisation. One of these features being the ‘Powershifter’ function, allowing for the footboard itself to be moved into one of 3 positions, allowing the player to fine tune the feel of the pedal by changing the drive angle leverage. This pedal has some features which are in fact designed by skateboard manufacturers, which allow the pedal to be played much faster and smoother than its predecessor. Like all other pedals in this post, the P-2050C has a full base plate and a double chain, but the serious note on this is the customisability to meet the player. This pedal also comes with its own case.


Tama HP910LN Kick Drum Pedal

Only £10 more expensive that its brother the Iron Cobra (mentioned earlier), the Speed Cobra offers a lot of the same features, but with a couple of changes to support the increased speed of this pedal. This pedal has a longer footboard (like the P800), a lighter cam than the Iron Cobra, and differing footboard placement. All this is to cater for the faster kick player. When it comes to choosing between the two, you absolutely need to try them to feel the difference. We have both pedals on the shop floor here in Wembley for you to try! Like other pedals in this post, this pedal comes with a case, but the case is a hard shell for complete protection!