Crafted in the UK the visually stunning, superior sounding VK Drums make their way to Wembley Music Centre.

VK Drums - Snare Group Shot

At Wembley Music Centre, our Drum Centre is staffed by working, gigging drummers. As such we fully recognize the importance of your snare sound and we’re constantly on the look out for new and exciting brands to bring you. This is why we’re exceptionally proud to welcome VK Drums to the family.

Meticulously crafted in Sheffield, Van Kleef construct their snare drums from materials like stainless steel, copper, titanium, aluminium and a wide selection of wood veneer finishes. The sounds achieved are so distinctive that VK drums are fast becoming THE must-have snare drums for many top artists.

I had a quick chat with a couple of our Drum Centre staff to get their first impressions, let’s see what they have to say!

Courtney: "We see a LOT of gear come and go through the shop and at times, it can feel like you’ve seen it all. There’s nothing that jumps out and really surprises you in terms of new development."

"When I got to spend some time with the VK Snares my first thought was how great it was to see a company making strides to innovate and add or iterate on features that actually improve the drum."

"For example, the snare throw off looks and feels great and responds to the slightest adjustment. It’s also very quiet to throw off, which I like."

"I also like that VK give you a lot of valuable information about your Snare. Each Snare has a badge on the inside of the drum that tells you the shell composition, resonant frequency, thickness and even the craftsman that built the drum and the date it was made. Good stuff!"

Roy: "First Impressions? Elegant, Beautiful, Dignified. They just feel right! Each snare has a real presence and character to it. They have clarity and a crisp, responsive sound.

From the second you get your hands on them, you can tell you have something special. There’s nothing superfluous, every aspect of the snare is designed to make it better, no fluff here."

We think you’ll be as impressed as we are by these drums.

Check out the VK Drums Snares online or visit our Wembley Superstore to give them a try in person, where you’ll be able to spend time in a sound proof demo room and really get to grips with the impressive VK Drums snare range.