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Since 1946 Fender has been at the forefront of the music world. They can be heard on records in nearly every genre of music: Country, Rock, Jazz, Metal, Blues and many more.

Fender instruments have inspired the hearts and minds of musicians everywhere, from beginner to pro, everyone has heard of their iconic instruments. Beginning with the Telecaster, arguably the world’s first solid-body electric guitar, Fender changed the game. The Telecaster can be heard on many genres of music but is perhaps most synonymous with country music where its sound helped shape the genre.

Fender’s other most known guitar is the Stratocaster. Played by groundbreaking musicians like Jimmy Hendrix, Jeff Beck, David Gilmour and of course Eric Clapton. The Stratocaster shape is probably the most copied guitar shape in the world and with good reason, It Works! The Strat’s cutaway design allows for easy access to all the frets on the guitar and with its availability in many configurations, it sounds at home regardless of genre.

Of course, Fender is known for a lot more than just the Strat and Tele, it’s offset range of guitars including the Jaguar, Mustang and Jazzmaster, are equally popular amongst guitarists. Played by the likes of Kurt Cobain, Troy Van Leeuwen and Johnny Marr and popular with Surf Music players.

Fender is also, unsurprisingly, one of the premier makers of Bass guitars with several legendary models to their name, including the Jazz bass and the Precision bass. Both of these instruments can be seen on stages across the world and are well regarded as some of the best out there.

Stringed instruments aren’t Fender’s only contribution to the music world. Their amplifiers also deserve high praise. Fender’s amp range includes the best selling and classic Hot Rod Deluxe, The iconic Fender Twin, The Bassman and more modern offerings such as the Mustang, Rumble and Champion range.

Fender is well-deserving of its status as one of the world’s best instrument manufacturers and if you’d like to get your hands on one, then Wembley Music Centre has you covered.