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Wembley Music Centre is home to a great variety of Roland’s latest and greatest products from across their entire range of electronic musical instruments and accessories. Whether you seek the latest electronic drum kits, keyboards, synths, or amplification, you can find it here. With products relating to every department, all of our staff are well versed in Roland’s tech and can help you locate the right product to suit your requirements. 

Founded in 1972, the Japanese-based Roland Corporation first came to prominence with the success of their TR series rhythm machines. Following a succession of ground-breaking additions to their catalogue, Roland was at the forefront of the creation of MIDI, the universally accepted language of digital musical devices. This led to the swift introduction of the first MIDI sequencers and MIDI-compatible synths, putting them in the industry’s pole-position where they have continued to remain ever since.

Having made such a splash in the realm of electronic keyboards and synths, the Roland company turned their attention to electronic percussion instruments - and as you would expect, went on to dominate the market. Their current roster of vDrum kits is made up of incredible real-feel drum and cymbal pads and some of the most articulate voices ever produced. 

The TD range of vDrums has set the industry standard, and Roland keeps pushing the tech forward. The high-end kits now feature digital snare drums and cymbal pads which offer the most realistic response possible to date. Roland has also managed to bridge the gap between acoustic and electronic drums. The VAD range of hybrid kits offer the best of both worlds and seamlessly marry the two styles, resulting in a kit with extreme versatility and presence - the two properties that until now, seemed to be each medium's selling point. The VAD series shows us what we’ve been missing. 

Our guitar department also carries a range of Roland’s brilliant amplifiers such as the super-portable Blues Cubes and the acclaimed Katana range - a selection of brilliant digital amplifiers. Take an in-depth look at our Roland stock - whether you are looking for vDrums, amplifiers or keyboards, you’re bound to find a Roland product in our store that floats your boat.