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The perfect balance of modernity and traditional performance has maintained Sonor‘s reputation as a well respected and trusted maker of high-quality drums. For well over 100 years, this German company has become a global favourite of top professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Having honed his skills for decades making drums and drumheads for the German military, humble craftsman turned entrepreneur Johannes Link started to brand his products with the Sonor name. Within 20 years, Sonor drum products were hugely popular and the company was one of the largest drum manufacturers in Germany, a status that has been maintained up to the present day. 

Thanks to a succession of innovative designs and a clear dedication to the craft, Sonor has remained at the forefront of the industry, with no signs of falling behind. That's why Wembley Music Centre is proud to stock some of their finest kits from across their range. From the accessible entry-level AQ1 to the high-end SQ2, Sonor kits all possess a perfect blend of traditional old-school style and state-of-the-art modern functionality. That's why they are championed by the likes of Danny Carey, Gavin Harrison and Benny Greb - all masters of a modern style that prominently displays - and duly doffs its cap - to the traditional.