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Tama has been producing high-end drums and hardware products for over half a century, and the brand is associated with intermediate and pro-standard quality. The staff in our drum department are continuously stunned by the sheer beauty and top-performance-standards of every Tama drum we encounter - they never fail to impress. 

Tama began life as Star Drums, a range of percussion products manufactured by the Japanese company Hoshino Gakki co., Ltd. Having made a name for themselves manufacturing Ibanez guitars (among others) for global distribution, the company put their network to use, supplying America with their own-brand drums under the Star moniker.

As their drum products became more sought after, the Hoshino company began to use other manufacturers to produce their guitars and would use their Tama Seisakusho factory exclusively to manufacture drums. It was then that the brand name Tama was introduced. The company would go on to design and build some of the finest world-class kits and snare drums ever produced.

Wembley Music Centre offers a choice range of Tama’s amazing kits, snares, hardware and accessories, with many of their kits being exclusive configurations and designs you won't find anywhere else. If you seek one of their infamous Iron Cobra pedals or a tasty snare from their Star ranges, you’re in the right place.