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Vic Firth - the brand in the hands of some of the most influential drummers and percussionists of modern music history. The name is synonymous with the stick - in fact, many of our customers don't even ask for sticks, they ask for “a set of Vic Firths”.

The company is highly respected by its players and contemporaries, thanks to its continued dedication to its craft. Before Vic Firth, sticks were a generic tool - now, they are recognised as vital elements of your sound and character.

In 1963, the first set of Vic Firth sticks were born out of necessity. An accomplished musician and seasoned orchestra percussionist, Vic was dissatisfied with the quality of sticks he was expected to perform with. The current models available would not live up to the demands of the job in hand, so he set about whittling his own prototypes for a set of sticks with a shape, length, weight and tip style he considered superior. Once professionally produced, his sticks became popular amongst his peers and students, leading to his decision to mass-produce his innovation. The rest, as they say, is history.

Vic Firth sadly passed away in 2015 but has left behind a legacy to be proud of. Every product bearing his name is made by musicians, for musicians, and is designed to make Vic proud.