Catalinbread ECHOREC Multi-Tap Echo Guitar Effects Pedal


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One of the most tonally diverse delay pedals out there, the Catalinbread Echorec is become an industry staple.

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Catalinbread ECHOREC Multi-Tap Echo Guitar Effects Pedal

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, U.S.A, Catalinbread are one of the most prolific pedal manufacturors on the planet. Their catalogue includes everything from the essential guitar effects to the downright insane and the Echorec sits perfectly in the middle of those spectrums.

Showing off some incredibly desirable light, warm and subtle echo/delay effects that'll fit nicely into any application, the Catalinbread Echorec will add depth to your music, adding a gorgeous dream-like quality from even the lowest setting. However it's when you start to explore the settings of the Catalinbread Echorec and crank up the settings where you'll see its true colours.

This pedal will sound incredibly familiar to many musos out there as based on the legendary Binson Echorec, this updated pedal essentially features some of Pink Floyd's most recognizable guitar tones.

Control Knobs:

  • Swell
  • Tone
  • Delay Time
  • Mix
  • Program Select

Featuring dials in the form of Swell, Tone, Delay Time, Mix and Program Select you'll see that this pedal is more than just your every day echo delay. Using the 'Swell' knob, you have full control of the swooshing, dream-like effect from the pedal which when used in conjunction with the other dials, creates some seriously whacky sounds.

Delay Time does exactly what it says on the tin and controls the length of delay with each note, from 40ms -1000ms worth of delay you'll be able to produce everything from jittery, dancing qualities of light delay, to the downright bizzare sci-fi style sounds of extreme delay.

Mix enables you to adjust the wetness of the effect and control the actual effect output of the pedal, dry is less, wet is thicker and more full on. Tone simply allows you to hone your guitar sound and find the perfect EQ settings to achieve exactly what you require from the pedal.

Program Select is one of the most significant settings of the Catalinbread Echorec. Featuring 4 head options split between 12 settings, you can adjust the dial to mix or split the heads individually and drastically change the sound of your guitar, see the specs tab for a full layout. It may require a bit of tweaking but there's something here for everyone!



  • Width: 62mm
  • Length: 112mm
  • Depth: 32mm

Program Select Settings:

  • 01 = 1
  • 02 = 1&2
  • 03 = 2&3
  • 04 = 3&4
  • 05 = 1&3
  • 06 = 2&4
  • 07 = 1&4
  • 08 = 1,2,3
  • 09 = 2,3,4
  • 10 = 1,2,4
  • 11 = 1,3,4
  • 12 = 1,2,3,4


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