Electro Harmonix Superego+ Plus Synth Engine Effects Pedal


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Working with almost any instrument, the SuperEgo+ is a great tool for all musicians.

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The original SuperEgo was a worldwide success, imitating classic rotary tones and effects with amazing accuracy in a very simple format. Now it's back and expands on every aspect of the super popular pedal and is so comprehensive that we can look at the SuperEgo+ as a mulit-effects pedal. With all sorts of delay effects, flange, trem, phase and mods - you'll be able to create some insane sounds, aswell as imitate some of the biggest bands of all time (see video tab). Compatible with almost any instrument, add some vibes to your tunes with the Superego+.

Electro Harmonix Superego+ Effects:

  • DETUNE: pitch detune, EXP pedal controls pitch
  • DELAY: warm, analog sounding delay, feedback is preset, EXP controls delay time up to 2 seconds
  • ECHO: pristine digital delay, feedback is preset, EXP pedal controls delay time up to 2 seconds
  • FLANGE: Electric Mistress style w/filter matrix, rate and feedback. EXP pedal controls rate
  • PHASE: Small Stone style phase shifting with rate and depth control. EXP controls rate
  • MOD: pitch-based vibrato or chorus. EXP controls rate
  • ROTARY: rotary speaker style sound. Depth controls tweeter/horn balance. EXP pedal controls rate
  • TREM 1: sine wave tremolo. EXP controls rate
  • TREM 2: square wave tremolo. EXP controls rate
  • PITCH: pitch shifting effect over a +/- one octave range. EXP controls whammy
  • FILTER: resonant low-pass filter. EXP pedal controls frequency


  • Creates synth effects, sound layers, glissandos, infinite sustain and more
  • Four Freeze modes
  • Built-in effects section with 11 effect types
  • EXP input for effect parameter control
  • EXP Presets sweep between snapshots of 7 knob parameters; create and save one set of snapshots for each FX type
  • Live Effects mode where the dry signal is routed thru the built-in effects and the internal synth engine is disabled
  • EXT jack for a 3-button controller
  • Comes with an EHX 9.6DC-200mA AC Adaptor


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