Quilter MicroBlock 45 Pedal Sized Guitar Amplifier

Perhaps the most impressive mini-amp we've ever heard!

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Quilter MicroBlock 45 Pedal Sized Guitar Amplifier

It's not often that a product comes along that could potentially change the way we amplify music forever, but Quilter have done exactly that with the all-new MicroBlock 45.

Able to amplify the instrument of your choice, as well as being able to power a passive speaker and in a pedal sized form, genuinely capable of fitting into your pocket!

Capable of producing up to 45 watt of pure, professional standard power, plus featuring a sublime Gain control which provides breathtaking overdrive, the Quilter MicroBlock 45 Amp provides the very essential amp settings for a musician on-the-go. Sounding fantastic whether played clean and flawlessly working alongside your pedalboard, it's one of the most innovative pieces of technology on the market.

A simple to use, but very effective Tri-Q control allows you to tweak and perfect your sound and produce a truly unique, world class tone for whatever application you choose.

Also fitted with a mini-jack output which drives headphones or line outputs, it makes a powerful tool for all the bedroom players out there.


  • Comes with universal voltage 72-watt power supply
  • Quarter-inch high impedance input for maximum pickup response
  • Quarter inch speaker output drives 16, 8 and 4 ohm loads, and is fully protected
  • Mini-jack input accepts stereo inputs, summing to mono
  • Mini-jack output drives headphones or line outputs


Light, Simple Giggable Solution That Sounds Great!Review by Kabir
Getting to gigs using London Transport means you have to travel light. As light as possible. Inevitably, compromises must be made. The first thing to go is a tube head and cab, Yes, you can get a small tube combo and gig with that, but this microblock fits on your pedalboard, meaning that you can just take a 1x12" cab . This your rig becomes even lighter, with fewer delicate parts!

Often, the sound of these units is questionable, with not that much headroom being available. Thankfully, Quilter have avoided this and have created a really great sounding clean amp that fits on the end of your pedalboard. If all the drive sounds come from pedals, having an excellent clean sound to build upon is really important. And this thing gets LOUD! It can drive all manner of cabinets, up to 45W into a 4ohm load, and you can be confident that whatever you put this in amp front of, it'll sound good. The gain and volume controls are self explanatory and a basic "Tri-Q" tone control, is a mid cut/boost that I've left just past noon. It's helpful for shaping the overall tone going into the cabinet.

There are two bonus features on this unit too: a mini-jack output for headphones and a mini-jack input for connecting MP3 players into for jamming and practice. These are invaluable for late-night practising and learning.

Overall, this is a fantastic piece of kit that, as long as you are prepared to live with the compromises (of course it doesn't sound like a hot loud tube amp on the edge of break-up - get out of here!) it should find a useful home on any pedalboard, particularly a fly gig rig. (Posted on 25/04/2018)
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