Tama Tension Watch Drum Tuner with Distance Gauge Ring - TW200

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One of the most precise and easy to use drum tuning systems on the market.

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Tama Tension Watch with Distance Gauge Ring - TW200

There’s a number of drum tuning tools on the market, but few have the feel of classiness and prestige of Tama’s Tension Watch. It features some lovely little finishing touches that really set it apart from the competition.

The basic premise is a coiled spring attached to a point that pushes against the drum head, the tighter the head, the more it pushes the pin in. Simple! However, the utility of it really comes down to the quality of the components and the precision of its construction and, as always, Tama has that in spades.

It’s super simple to use, calibrate it by setting down on a mirror and then turn the inner dial to zero. Once that’s done, pop it on the drum head you want to tune next to the lug you want to tension. This is where other tension gauges fall down: For the reading to be accurate you need the tension gauge to always be ¾” from the rod you’re tensioning. Tama, knowing this have included a plastic ring that fits very snugly to the watch, allowing you to get it bang on ¾ inch from the lug in question without even trying.

Included are very clear instructions and suggestions for tuning. All in all it’s a wonderful gadget that will help you get a clear and consistent drum sound every time.


  • Upwarding Dial
  • Detractable Tip
  • Position Gauge Ring


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