Yamaha Yamaha TRBX304 Active EQ Bass Guitar - Black

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Showing off features you'd expect from instruments significantly more pricey, be prepared to be impressed by the seriously cool TRBX304 from Yamaha.

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Yamaha's TRBX304 range is not merely a bass guitar for absolute beginners, with quality and tone that'll satisfy far more experienced players - prepare to be amazed by this fantastic quality instrument.

On very first impression, you'll feel the comfort of the neck really shines, feeling like a far more pricey bass guitar. Speed, fluidity and overall playability are all there in abounding amounts, really exceeding what you'd usually expect from this price point!

However, plugging in is where you'll realize the full majesty of the Yamaha TRBX304. Showing off some of the most impressive features we've ever seen for under £300, it's a versatile bass that's ready to riff!

Active circuitry (an in-built battery) powers the Yamaha TRBX304, giving it options that you couldn't find on a passive (standard, no battery) model. Rather than simply selecting pick-ups, a 5-way EQ switch gives you instant access to 5 drastically different tones. Combine this with the ability to fine-tune the details of the tone far more accurately, you'll be able to find a stunning tone for any application.

Last but not least, the tone is really captured with Yamaha's own designed MHB3 Ceramic pick-ups. Incredibly clean tones are produced with a great amount of toneful punch, to ensure it's ideal for practice or professional bass guitarists.


  • Scale Length: 34'' (863.6mm)
  • Neck: Maple and Mahogany 5pc
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Radius: 10'' (250mm)
  • Nut Width: 38mm
  • Body: Solid Mahogany
  • Tuners: Die-cast
  • Bridge: Die-cast 19mm
  • Pickups: MHB3n (Ceramic),MHB3b (Ceramic)
  • Controls: Master Volume, Pickup Balancer, Bass, Treble and Performance EQ switch


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Staff Reviews

Reveiwed By Lazarus

Yamaha’s TRBX304 is extremely good value for money and, arguably, their most versatile bass - they have built a bass for the modern day performer.

The TRBX has surprised and impressed much more than I thought it would! I’d watched a few videos of people playing this and I thought “Okay, it’s cool, but nothing special”. I was wrong. When you have the bass in your hands, it does feel special. The thing that stands out about the bass is the tonal clarity of the MHB3 Ceramic Pickups. They produce an incredibly varied sound.

From the price of the bass and the, simplistic, look of it, I wouldn’t have imagined that you could achieve the sounds that you can from this bass. But it does not let down. When purchased, the bass comes with a little plastic tag attached to the 5- way switch. At first I thought that these were pickup selectors, but in fact, by checking the reactions of the pickups when the switch was moved around, I found that the switches were actually altering the EQ rather than the pickups - that job is left solely to the Pickup Balancer knob.

The 5 EQ selections and the way I’d describe them are:

  • Slap - Treble and some Bass
  • Pick - Treble and High Mids
  • Flat - Flat
  • Finger - Bass and Low Mids
  • Solo - Low Mids

Whilst not completely accurate (to my personal preferences) of how I’d like my Slap Bass to sound or my Picked Bass to sound, for a quick switch between tones it’s not bad at all! For styles that are much vaguer than one word i.e. Finger, work needs to be done and perhaps a pedal or two would be needed to tweak or define a tone that works specifically for the player - if their opinion/preference of a ‘Finger’ tone differs to that of Yamaha, but, as aforementioned, for a quick switch between EQs and Tones, it is very nifty and very handy.

The string spacing is quite spacious, but not so much that the neck feels too wide. They have found a happy medium between enough space for the strings and not too wide a neck.

The finishes on these basses are very simple - nothing to shout home about, but I kind of feel that that is the point with these basses - you pay for the versatility of the tones rather than a ‘stunning finish’ but the finishes are bold, nonetheless. Mist Green, Pewter, Black, White and Red are available and, like I mentioned earlier, are all nice finishes. This bass is perfect for the professional player who is looking for a quick way to switch between tones as well as having a sturdy, not-too-heavy guitar that is reliable, packs a punch and sounds great! For the price as well, I don’t think you can go wrong!

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