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Having created just about every kind of pro-audio product imaginable, Sennheiser has become a go-to brand. From their professional next-level studio equipment to their consumer products, this is a company that knows their onions and has rightfully earned the respect of their peers as well as their customers.

The company was founded by Dr. Fritz Sennheiser and a small group of associates immediately after the end of WWII, first manufacturing electronic goods, but realised very early on that its strength lay in the design and manufacturing of high-grade mics and other audio equipment. Over the following decades, Sennheiser products have found their way into almost every industry requiring communication - even providing headsets to airline pilots.

Wembley Music Centre carries a good selection of Sennheisers microphones for studio and live use, including some of their finest wireless vocal mics, an area in which they excel. With a product to cover every price point, Sennheiser’s awesome quality is accessible to all.