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There's nothing more painful than watching a guitarist struggling with his effects pedals. Missing patch cables, pedals in the wrong order and a stressed-out guitarist lead to nothing but frustrating delays. Pedalboards are a great way to avoid all of the head-scratching and swearing during soundcheck and keep your array of effects pedals in order and gig-ready.

Pedalboards come in a few varieties. Some may be a rack system that comes in a case, while others may even be the case itself. Either way, they function similarly - they provide a sturdy platform upon which you can affix your pedals. This way, they can stay in perfect order and are transported quickly and easily into their position on the stage. 

We carry a range of pedalboards in different sizes to accommodate your needs, and in this section of our site, you will also find pedalboard accessories such as power supplies, power converters, and daisy-linked patch cables - everything you need for an efficient effects pedal setup.