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The amount of control you are afforded over sound is determined by the quality of the raw sound you capture, and the quality of the raw sound you capture depends greatly upon the type of microphone you use to capture it. So using the right mic for the right job is essential.

From the industry standard workhorse reliability of the Shure SM57 dynamic mic, to  instrument condenser mics designed to pick up very specific frequency ranges, such as the Sennheiser E614 bass drum mic, we can equip you with all of the studio or live mic’s you need.

Vocalists that want to maximise their on-stage presence and enhance their performance should consider freeing themselves from the shackles of their mic cable. Our selection of wireless vocal microphones and receiver units are an ideal solution, and when combined with our wireless in-ear monitoring systems, can give vocalists complete freedom to wander the stage, mingle with the audience - even lead a conga out through the venue car-park if they wish to.