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Whether you are looking to close-mic your drums or amplifiers for recording, or need to amplify your acoustic guitar for a live performance, you’ll find a mic to best serve your purpose here.

Mics are designed with specific uses in mind, so it's important to select the correct kind to suit your purpose. For live use, dynamic mics are generally used as their directional cardioid pickup pattern can be focused on a target, eliminating any other noise on stage. They also tend to be tougher and more durable.

In studio environments, condensers are favoured, as they pick up on more intricacies. In a controlled environment like a recording studio, condenser mics can capture amazing high definition sound as well as the ambience of the setting - ideal for pianos and guitars. We also offer a huge range of drum microphones - and full sets of drum mics designed to capture the frequency spectrum of each specific drum in your kit.