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Rods - also sometimes known as “rutes” - are an interesting alternative to sticks that still offer a fairly solid playing feel yet take the sharpness out of the impact, so they are ideal for scenarios where you want to bring down the aggression and to a point, the volume of your drums.

Rods are made up of various lengths of dowel bound together to form a kind of “solid brush” that disperse the vibration of impact. With less energy transferring from rod to surface, the result is a softer, warmer drum sound and a less cutting cymbal attack, a sound that suits acoustic accompaniment perfectly.

Rods are a great way to retain the feel and control of sticks while chilling out your sound. The feel and sound of your playing can be altered by using rods of different thickness, or by using rods that contain dowels of a different gauge. Although the standard is wood, rods can be made from a variety of different synthetic materials too, each having a different sound and durability. It's all about personal preference, so take a look at our range and start experimenting.