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Often the loudest cymbal in a drummer's arsenal, crash cymbals are designed to emphasize nuances with a single explosive flourish that fades out (decays) with a steady, mid-ranged fall-off in sound. In modern mainstream music, the crash is the primary cymbal used to signify change at the last upbeat or first downbeat of a bar.

Crash cymbals range from 8” up to 24” in diameter but 14” to 19” are more commonly used.  They come in different weights and with a wide range of finishes that help to give them a certain character. A ‘Brilliant’ finish will usually result in the brightest, crispest sound, a ‘Raw’ or ‘Vintage’ finish will often be a lot darker and dryer, while a ‘Traditional’ or ‘Natural’ finish lies somewhere in between. Sound holes and hammering patterns will also affect the dynamic response of each cymbal.

If you want maximum value for money, take a look at our crash/ride cymbals which function as both. They may be more dynamically limiting than a separate, dedicated crash and ride, but they still do a great job.