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Known for their continuous pursuit of new and interesting percussive sounds, Meinl is considered one of the big boys in the industry. Wembley Music Centre is a home-from-home to their expansive range of cymbals and percussion instruments, with whole rooms dedicated to their fantastic products.

Over the course of 70 years, the Meinl Percussion company has grown beyond belief; from the earnest dreams of a young Roland Meinl hand-crafting his first woodwind instruments and sheet-metal cymbals in post-war Germany to today's position as one of the four major cymbal manufacturers in the world. Mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

A proponent of traditional finishes and heavily hammering techniques, Meinl’s signature dark and dusky flavour is a refreshing alternative to the brilliant, bright sounds of its major competitors. That said, on the odd occasion that Meinl delves into the light, the resulting cymbals meet the same high benchmark of quality and innovation as their darker mainstays.

Alongside our fully-stocked cymbal collection, we also carry a large selection of Meinl’s percussion catalogue. If you can shake it, scrape it or slap it, Meinl makes it. From hand-held shakers and tambourines to bongos, congas and guiros, our percussion department is packed with top-quality Meinl products.