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Piano keyboards are an ideal instrument for novices that want to focus on learning how to play in a traditional style. They range in complexity but usually offer a good range of classic piano and organ sounds. 

If you’re more interested in electronica and its associated sounds, a synthesizer may suit you better. Monophonic synths are ideal for bass riffs and lead lines, but more versatile polyphonic synthesizers allow you to play more than one note at a time, so it can handle complex chords. 

Workstations offer comprehensive features that focus on composing and are well-suited for studio use. Workstations usually carry vast libraries of eclectic sounds to inspire your creativity. An Arranger also offers a versatile array of sounds but is more performance orientated than a workstation. Arrangers offer more intuitive real-time controls and focus on accompaniment and backing so you can produce your music live.  

We carry all of the latest and classic keyboards & synths from all of the top brands such as Roland, Korg and Yamaha, amongst which you are bound to find the right model to suit your requirements.