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As technology continues to close the quality and character gap between digital and analogue, more and more musicians are taking advantage of the practical nature of a digital live setup. Pre amps are an effective way to reduce your onstage footprint and provide versatile power in highly portable units - and you don't get much more portable than our range of pre amp stomp-boxes.

With their DI connectivity, when used in conjunction with other effects pedals and cab simulator pedals, a good pre amp pedal can see you do away with your cumbersome amp completely, should you feel the need. Many also feature their own EQ controls and gain circuits, providing you with a huge amount of flexibility and tone-shaping options.

Buffer pedals are amazing tools that help you to preserve as much of the tone and cleanliness of your signal as possible. If you use a lot of effect pedals, your signal has to go past a lot of obstacles on its journey to your amp. With each input, processing circuitry, output, link cable of each pedal, a little of your signal is lost (an overlong instrument cable can be just as guilty).

By placing a buffer pedal in your pedal chain, your signal is boosted enough to prepare it for all of these obstacles, pushing it through the hurdles and home to your amp without losing too much of its strength and definition.