Zildjian cymbals are arguably the largest cymbal manufacturer in the world and most certainly the oldest in its industry with a legacy that goes back over four centuries. The company is bolstered by a rich history of master-craftsmanship, and each cymbal is made using techniques honed and perfected by generations of expert artisans.

The legacy of Zildjian cymbals can be traced back to its founder - an Armenian metalsmith and alchemist by the name of Avedis, who, having worked for and impressed the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, was gifted the name “Zildjian” (meaning “cymbal Smith” in Persian) and granted permission to leave the palace and work for himself. 

Having passed down a line of Avedis’ male heirs and moving from Turkey to America, this family business has grown into a behemoth of a company and the Zildjian brand is considered the epitome of high-quality. 

Wembley Music Centre’s vast cymbal vaults are full of cymbals and cymbal sets from the current Zildjian range. From the bright, brilliant character of the A Custom to the dry, rich tones of their K Custom series, there's a cymbal here to fit every purpose.