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Amplifiers are so-called because they increase the amplitude of your guitar signal, thus increasing its volume. They also allow you to shape and control the sound and tone of said signal. To use a visual analogy, your guitar is a paintbrush, your amplifier is a palette loaded full of colour, and your sound is a finished masterpiece.

We stock a great range of amps amongst which you will find everything from ultra-compact 1-watt micro-amps, to meaty 100-watt combos, to mighty 100-watt amp heads. Many of the top manufacturers are represented here, including Marshall, Fender, Orange, Vox, Boss and Peavey. We are also proud to be the exclusive UK stockists of Quilter amplifiers, some of the finest quality amps you will ever encounter.

Our vast range of digital modelling amps and combos offers players the ability to emulate a multitude of different amps from past and present. All of the latest models featuring the most state of the art amp modelling technology are here. You’ll be amazed at the versatile and authentic sounds they recreate, but if you still yearn for the authentic warmth of a traditional valve amp, we can also oblige. Take a virtual browse through our online amp store and be inspired.