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There are many amplifiers on the market which are optimised for use with acoustic guitars. Unlike many electric guitar amplifiers that are designed to break up and distort your signal, acoustic amps focus on keeping your signal as clean and pure as possible, resulting in a tone to match. They often keep things simple, with options for basic reverb, delay and chorus, and the idea is to showcase the natural tone of your guitar.

To ensure the best quality of sound, most acoustic amps are combo amplifiers, which is ideal for the solo performer. Many include mic channels too, so singing guitarists can set up with just the amp and without the need for a PA or additional sound equipment. This makes for quick, easy set-ups, perfect for busking and impromptu performances.

Wembley Music Centre stocks acoustic amps from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Fender, Orange, Vox and Laney amps line our shelves, as well as models from the likes of Kinsman, Roland and Yamaha. If you need an amp that will let your electro-acoustic shine, take your pick - all of our amps are fantastic.