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If the bass drum is the heart of your kit, then the bass drum pedal should be considered a defibrillator - a huge amount of your energy, power and will is conveyed through this important piece of hardware. Bass drum pedals are very personal to each individual and as such, there is a huge variety of them on the market - many of which you can find here.

We have pedals to suit all budgets from brands such as DW, Tama, Pearl, Odery, Yamaha and Mapex, and whether you're looking for a new single pedal, a double pedal or even a lefty double pedal, we’ve got them all. 

Modern pedal design has become very innovative and radical - some even take their inspiration from F1 auto technology. Direct drive, chain drive, extended footboards, multi-cam action - If you find the sheer volume and variety of models overwhelming, don't hesitate to contact our staff who will be happy to help narrow down some possibilities based upon your style and budget.