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Drum sticks are a drummers stock in trade; no matter what kind of kit you play, you need some kind of implement to beat it with. Sticks come in a variety of different thicknesses and lengths so you can find what works for you best. We have a good range of sticks on offer alongside other types of beaters such as rods, brushes and mallets.

We stock sticks from a variety of world-renowned brands like Vic Firth, Vater, Promark, Tama and Ahead, plus many, many more. Each of these brands offers an eclectic range of sticks made from different species of wood, all with different properties to suit your needs. They also come in many variants, from different shaped tips ( in both wood and nylon, alternate grip surfaces and all sorts of colours. Each brand also offers a range of signature sticks preferred by their endorsed artists so you can channel the expression of some of your drumming heroes.