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If your drums are sounding flat and tired, or look as though they are wearing thin, or even if you are looking to shape the tone of your drums differently, it's time to invest in some new heads.

Size is obviously dependent on the diameter of your drums, but you can also whittle down your choices by considering what kind of sound you would like to achieve. For bright, vivid tones and lovely overtones, single-ply heads will likely be the way to go. The more ply layers the head possesses, the thicker it becomes, and the sound becomes more focused, deep and controlled, as well as being more durable.

The coating of your head also makes a big difference to the performance of your drum. Clear coated heads enhance brightness while coated heads have more muted, focused tones. Fibreskyn heads are incredibly warm and open, perfect for the big, classic rock sounds of the ‘70s.

There are also skins available with a variety of built-in and external muting and damping options such as overtone control rings, EQ focus zones and foam inserts, all of which will help you to enhance or control the overtones of your drum. Whatever style you play, selecting the right kind of heads for your drum kit can help define your sound, so take a look at our fine selection and choose heads that best serve your purpose.