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For many drummers, your snare is likely to be the most personalised drum in your kit; the drum you spend the most time with, honing, tweaking and adjusting until it is just perfect. The last thing you need is for it to get knocked, scraped, squashed or dented. So, as it is your favourite pet, make sure you treat it to some loving protection.

We have a variety of different styles of snare case that offer different levels of protection for the drum and convenience for its owner. For those who seek to place it in transit, perhaps a rigid Hardcase ABS shell case may be the most practical choice. Or if you can't bear to be separated from your snare, maybe we can tempt you with one of Tama’s great Powerpad Designer backpacks. There's a case to suit all, and when you buy brands such as Hardcase, Protection Racket and Tama, you can rest assured that you are going to receive the best protection that money can buy.