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Ukuleles generate sound using the same principles as acoustic guitars - just in fun-size, miniature form. These gorgeous little instruments originating from Hawaii are brimming with the same breezy laidback charisma for which the indigenous islanders are famous. When the first Portuguese settlers arrived in Honolulu, they brought along small, curious stringed instruments that they called machetes. The machete was an instant hit. After a few tweaks in the design - and a name change - the Hawaiian ukulele was born. Over the subsequent 150 years, the uke has established itself as a prominent and popular instrument used all around the world.

At Wembley Music Centre you will find a good range of uke’s to get your hula on to. We have acoustic and electro-acoustic ukuleles made by the likes of Fender, Tanglewood, Vintage and Epiphone, each made to a high-quality standard and full of vibrant uke energy. Many of our ukes are crafted from Koa wood - the very same Hawaiian wood that original ukes were first made of back in the day.