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Founded in Japan in the early ‘50s, the Pearl Musical Instrument Company cut its teeth by producing drum shells for other brands around the world that had popped up due to the demand caused by the advent of Rock and Roll. While many of these opportunist companies fell by the wayside, Pearl continued to grow and refine their skill, and when they began marketing their drums under their own brand name, the quality of their products was second to none. The rest is history.

Today, Pearl is as popular as ever, and their legendary entry-level Pearl Export kit is one of the best-selling kits of all time. These affordable kits are absolutely ideal for the beginner and intermediate player, offering a huge amount of value-for-money. The Export is a workhorse kit of a quality far beyond its price tag, responsible for inspiring the careers of a great many professionals over the years. Wembley Music Centre is always stocked with a full complement of the latest Export configurations in all of their current finishes.

The latest and greatest Pearl innovation is the eMerge, a hybrid acoustic/electric kit that offers the versatility of an electronic kit whilst retaining the natural feel, look and presence of an acoustic kit. Featuring state-of-the-art sound modelling technology and next-level hardware, this is an amazing kit that has placed Pearl electronic division immediately at the top of the industry.

While the Export is an ideal entry-level kit, Pearl also produces a series of high-end kits of unparalleled quality. From the sublime Masters Maple kits to the sophisticated Reference range, these are some of the best kits money can buy. Pearl also produces a wide range of snare drums and hardware, all of staggering quality and offering great value-for-money.