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The modulation effects of chorus pedals are extremely diverse and have been featured on some of the biggest hits and iconic recordings in music history. The huge open chords of Prince’s “Purple Rain” owe their instantly recognisable sound to chorus. The submerged underwater claustrophobia of the opening riff of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” can be attributed to chorus. The multi-layered guitar symphony of Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”? You guessed it. Chorus.

Chorus pedals are simple units that provide maximum effect, which when used correctly (and tastefully) can add a huge amount of character to your compositions (as exemplified by the choice tracks listed above).

A chorus pedal splits your signal into two, adds delay and pitch modulation effects to one of them, and then combines both the wet and dry signal back together, resulting in a multi-layered effect with a wavy, warbled vibe. These pedals give you control over the rate and depth of the modulation so you can create some truly unique sounds.