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Compression can make your dynamic performance sound more even and controlled by balancing unwanted volume discrepancies in your performance.

By reducing, or “squashing” the dynamic range of your output, a compressor pedal essentially increases the volume of your softer playing and softly decreases the volume of your harder playing. By adjusting the ratio control on your pedal, you can decide exactly where your dynamic range cuts off and bottoms out.

Whether you need help in controlling a ‘loose’ playing style so you can maximise your live output, add volume to your subtleties without pushing your master volume too far, or want to create some unnatural effects, a compressor pedal can really help. It can smooth out your tone and stop you from cranking out harsh high-end spikes where you don't want them.

All of the industries big boys manufacture compressor pedals, so take a look at our range and choose one that suits your needs the best.