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You can greatly expand your sonic spectrum and add some amazing effects to your guitar sound using effects pedals. Although many modern amplifiers may come with a lot of very good onboard effects, the level of control they offer will invariably be limited. Dedicated pedals give you comprehensive control over their effects as well as useful hands-free, ‘stomp-box’ activation.

Bored of the same old sounds? Here at Wembley Music Centre, you’ll find a plethora of amazing effects pedals on offer. Looking for a particular effect? Use our handy filters to whittle down your options and locate the pedal you need, whether you're looking for powerhouse distortion, to fatten out your sound with delay, add church-like ambience with reverb, or produce amazing looped sequences. Or perhaps we can entice you with some more outlandish effects such as fuzz, flange, phaser or pitch shift.

The great thing about effects pedals is that you can mix, match, link and chain them for different sound combinations, so fill up your pedalboard with a selection of our Boss, MXR, Electro-Harmonix and Fender ranges, plus many, many more besides.