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Cymbal packs are an economical way to buy a full set of cymbals, with the added bonus that have already been tonally matched to cover specific spectrums - and many of them come with free additional cymbals too. Many of the big brands offer packs consisting of their different lines - for example, if you like bright, glassy sounding cymbals you might check out the Zildjian A Custom box set or if you prefer dry and darker sounding cymbals the Meinl Classic Custom Dark box set might be just right for you.

Box sets usually contain a basic cymbal setup of hi-hats, a crash and a ride, and some may feature additional cymbals such as an extra crash or a china. We also stock effects cymbal packs, so you can expand your existing cymbal setup and broaden your dynamic spectrum. 

Cymbal packs are a very economical way for beginners to achieve a well-balanced sound without having to spend hours researching and hand-selecting them for their compatibility - all of that hard work has already been done for you.