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In drumming circles, the term “breakables” is used to describe the most at-risk components of your kit; the vital few parts that you simply cannot get by without, and would likely be the most difficult and expensive to replace or repair. Cymbals definitely come under this category.

Never fear. Wembley Music Centre is here, offering a broad selection of protective cymbal cases and bags so that you can keep your prized bronze medals in perfect condition. Choose from super-tough rigid hard cases, convenient backpack-style padded bags or even luggage-style cases with trolley handles and wheels. One thing is for sure - they are all high-quality cases by renowned manufacturers. 

Should you wish to have sleeved inserts to separate each cymbal within your case - you got it. Looking for separate compartments for your hi-hats - you got it. Need a bag with plenty of storage space for accessories - you got it.