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These days, even the most basic electronic drum kits offer a huge amount of versatility, and their compact size and reduced noise levels make them ideal for learners and players who want to get their practice in at home without irritating their loved ones and neighbours. Their quality is of such a high standard that many drummers choose to use them as their sole live kit.

Electronic kits provide a huge amount of control over your sound. They carry an abundance of different sounds across a variety of kit styles which can all be mixed, matched, tailored and tweaked to your heart's content to achieve the exact sounds you desire. Electronic kits are also very useful for home recording, providing an easy and intuitive way to record midi drums via direct input into your computer. 

Mesh drum heads are becoming the standard for electronic kits, and they help to reduce sticking noise and offer a superior feel and responsiveness than the more traditional rubber pads. You can find replacement mesh heads on our drum heads page.