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Bass amps come in a couple of different formats. Amp heads are very convenient to use as they are highly portable and can be used with different cabinets depending on the size of the venue. Many amp heads also come with a direct output, so it's a quick and easy task to send your bass signal to any sound system without the need for DI boxes and extra faff.

Alternatively, combo amps give you your amp head and speaker cabinet all-in-one. These amps are great for practising and smaller venues but are obviously larger and heavier. Although you may think that a combo amp will limit your options, note that many modern combo amps now include additional connectivity options so you can still rig them up with other speaker cabs if you wish to.

The next thing to consider is what kind of sound you want and how to achieve it. Valve amps are known for their ambient warmth and strong characters, but you may want more sound options and control, in which case, take a look at solid-state amps. You can equate the difference between the two to vinyl records vs compact discs; the former being traditional with a certain inimitable, full-bodied quality, and the latter being smaller and lighter with a sharper sound and increased control. Both have their pros, but it's a matter of taste.

Whatever your tonal preference and budget, we’re sure to carry your ideal bass amplifier. With top-quality brands such as Quilter, Orange, Fender and Vox amongst our catalogue, you’re guaranteed the finest in sound and performance.