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Due to its expressive and dynamic nature, the snare drum is traditionally the focus of the modern drum kit. It is the component that best displays the character and articulation of the kit and its player, so every drummer has a unique preference and highly personal attachment to it. At Wembley Music Centre, we understand how important it is to find the snare that best represents you and your style, and so we carry an eclectic range from many of the world's leading brands.

Whether you're looking for something traditional or something unique and boutique, we're bound to have a snare that floats your boat. Our extensive range features high-quality snares from brands such as DW, Sonor, Mapex, Yamaha and Tama, many of which are exclusive to Wembley Music Centre. 

Material and thickness both play a major part in the sound of a snare, but perhaps start your search by looking at particular sizes. Deeper snares generate a rounder, fuller-bodied low-end while shallower snares deliver a snappier, sharper sound - and if you want to achieve a really powerful gunshot-esque attack, take a look at our range of metal-shelled snares.