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Ever turned up to a gig to find you’re expected to set up on a wooden floor? It’s soul-destroying. There's not much worse than spending your whole gig chasing elements of your kit around the stage as they creep, slip and slide away from each other. A drum mat is quite possibly the best investment you can make.

These mats are specifically designed to endure the rigours of playing night after night and help to keep your drums and stands exactly where you need them to be.  They usually feature tough and durable material that grips the feet of your kit and come in a variety of different sizes so you can pick the best one for your set-up.

Alongside our range of Baskey mats, we also stock a range of Baskey accessories such as mat markers. These brilliant products allow you to keep a precise track of the position of your kit components so every time you set up, you know exactly where to place them. And if you’re a real heavy hitter, Kickstop’s are a great way of anchoring your stands and pedals to your mat.