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Your sticks need to have the right degree of articulation and sensitivity to enable the best transfer of energy between your hands and your drums as possible. This means you need to find sticks with the best weight, girth, material and tip-style ratio to suit your playing or style requirement. Our selection of drum sticks is plentiful and varied, so you will be able to find your perfect model without compromise. Here's some info you might find helpful when selecting your sticks. 

Drumsticks are universally identified by an alphanumeric code that represents their weight and diameter, such as 5A, 2B or 7A. A low number means the stick will be thicker, and the higher the letter, the heavier the weight. For example, 7A sticks will be much thinner and lighter than 2B’s. 5A sticks sit somewhere around the middle of the size range and as such, are the most commonly used. If you're not quite sure what sticks are right for you, 5A is a good size to start with and you can move on to heavier or lighter sticks as you discover what suits you best.

Sticks can be made from a variety of different materials, the most common being hickory due to its fantastic balance of weight, density and durability. If you require something lighter and more delicate, Maple can be a good choice, or if you want to play hard, loud and fast, perhaps consider the super-tough qualities of Oak. You can also experiment with sticks made of carbon fibre, or toughened polyurethane with alloy cores, both of which offer finely-balanced precision and increased durability.

Last but not least, consider the tips of your sticks. They usually come in either wood or nylon and can have some small variations in shape, most commonly a round bead or teardrop shape.  Wooden tips offer an organic warmth and nylon tips produce a crisper, louder sound but are generally less dynamic.

Remember, there is no such thing as the “best” stick. All brands and models have different styles and what works best for you is what's important. Have fun selecting your perfect sticks.